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Introduction to tirthan valley

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the land of snow has a number of hidden gems which are yet to be uncovered and explored. Tirthan Valley is one such destination located in the Kullu region with untarnished natural beauty. This region offers all aspects of pristine beauty one would expect on a getaway trip. The valley gets its name from the Tirthan River flowing through it like most of the valleys. The valley is home to adventure enthusiasts with flowing rivers, snowcapped mountains, glaciers and exotic fauna. From beautiful riverside walks to hiking paths, the valley offers everything a wanderlust traveler needs.


A fascinating trek from the valley and riverside retreats are sure to rejuvenate the tired souls. The Tirthan Valley is surrounded by high peaks and coniferous forests. The forests house some of the rare species of mammals and birds. Bird watching is the interesting activity you can engage in to see the exotic species. The hidden waterfalls and serene lakes make the trip to this valley more fascinating.

Camping under the stars with bonfires is an amazing experience you can feel by the riverside. It gives new found energy and outlook of life from the busy city schedules. The scenic valley Tirthan will leave you spellbound craving for more fun.


The quiet valley offers interesting activities for both adventure seekers and those who want a laid back holiday. Most of them come for trekking and exploring the hidden villages and experience the culture of them. Trout fishing is the next best sport to indulge here at Trithan River. Upon taking permission for trout fishing, spend the day by riverside camping under the sky. The bridge on the river gives you easy access to the villages on another side of the Tirthan Valley.

A short trek will lead to the Great Himalayan National Park which is must seek activity for wildlife lovers. Visit the 1500-year-old fort of Chehni Kothi with 15 storey construction made of only wood and sand, which is an architectural wonder built during the 17th century. An earthquake destroyed 5 storeys and now it stands 45 meters tall. Witness some of the tallest temples in Himachal Pradesh by visiting this secret snow paradise valley. The temples here are mostly carved with wood and built with sand. The famous temples tourists visit often are Shringa Rishi and Nagini Mata.

Best time to visit

The summer season of India is the best time to visit this snowy region of the Tirthan Valley with pleasant temperatures. While the winter season brings heavy snowfall, avoid monsoon and winter seasons which make the trekking hard. Landslides with snow covered paths are quite a common scenario during winter months. The onset of spring season makes the valley colorful with new blooming trees and fruit orchards. The meadows paint beautiful colors with wild flowers all along the valley.

Experience peace

The experiences this tour presents touch your soul deep and remain in your heart forever. Don’t miss a chance to visit this little paradise before it becomes the main tourist destination and gathers crowds. It is time to update your travel list and experience heaven on earth. With a number staying options like guest houses, home stays, and VIP rooms, one can enjoy the stay for a day or two before moving back to the city.

Be it a solo trip to experience adventure or a family trip to chill for the weekend, the Tirthan Valley offers happiness and refreshes your body. A trip to the Trithan Valley is like a page torn from a magical land. Pack your bags to have fun this weekend by leaving your troubled souls behind.

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