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Introduction to Shangarh Village

Shangarh Village

Shangarh is a small village situated in Sainj Valley of district Kullu Himachal Pradesh. It is a holy place of Devta Sangchul Mahadev. It is a very pleasant tourist place nestled in the lap of the giant mountain peaks. It has a very beautiful meadow which creates a center of attention for the nature lovers. Many tourists from all over the world visit this place to enjoy its natural scenic beauty. It also acts as a base camp for the treks of The Great Himalayan National Park.


The Shangarh village is a hidden beauty of Himalayas which is not much explored earlier by the tourists due to the lack of transportation and accommodation facilities, but even then many domestic and foreign tourists visit this beautiful place for camping and trekking purpose. Nowadays the travel facilities like guest house, home stay, road connectivity, restaurant, etc are available for the tourists. Tourism industry is developing day by day on the demand of time for this charming place. Mainly this place is perfect for trekking, camping and sightseeing tour.

History of Shangarh Village

When Devta Sangchul Mahadev lived at Kinner Kailash Mountain then many gods and goddesses came to worship him. Pandvas during their 13 years exile period also came to this place for worshipping Sangchul Mahadev. There was a big lake at a place named Sangla underneath the Kinner Kailash Mountain. The lake was full of beautiful lotus flowers. Sangchul Mahadev and his devotees used to visit the lake for walking and enjoying the fragrance of lotus during their rest time. One day Sangchul Mahadev had a discussion with all gods and goddesses and Pandvas regarding the construction of a place for gods. The place should be full of divine powers, good looking and all the works must be done according to the rules of god. Then with the efforts of all gods and goddesses a place named Shangarh was selected for the purpose. Then Sangchul Mahadev ordered Pandvas to filter the half land of this place. There should not be even a single piece of stone. Then Pandvas filtered 130 bhighas of land. Then the deity distributed the land into two parts, one for the Brahmins and another for grazing the cattle as a meadow. So this land is also called as “Devdhara”. The whole area was created as safe place. Only the rules of god were followed here. Here nobody can act violently and speak loudly. Violence is not happened here.

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