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parashar lake trek trek to parashar lake parashar lake

Parashar Lake Trek

Package Name : Parashar Lake Trek
Grade : Easy
Duration : 2 Days
Price : 2,800 per person
Maximum altitude : 8956 feet
Best Time : Throughout the year. Summers are the best

Parashar Lake Trek is a 1 night and 2 days trekking package. Prashar Lake is a round fishpond in flourishing grassland. The pond, situated at an altitude of about Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Six feet above the sea level, is supposed to have been exposed by the Pandavas. This Prashar Lake trek will take you on to some extent of vertical crests, which will provide you lots of adventure. On the way, you will wander throughout jungle of cedar, fir and spruce which adds the beauty of area. You will also walk through several rivulets.

Day 01: Mandi Arrival – Mandi to Bagi by road(30 KM) – Bagi to Prashar Lake by Walk(9 KM)

After reaching Mandi check in hotel and take some rest. Then after reviving have the breakfast and travel towards the Bagi village by road. After that start the Prashar Lake trek from Bagi village bus stop. While trekking you will reach at a stream, cross it and continue walking on a constricted track alongside the right bank of watercourse. Then enter into a deep wooded valley. After sometime you will find a chain of three scissor bends which you can avoid by routing directly up the hill. After that striding for about ten minutes , the trail begins to show a steady ascending slope.

Then carry on walking forward to come across a mountain watercourse, where you can fill up your water pot. Keep on your trek to arrive at a curve, where you will see a stream. From this place, turn right and surmount a wooded crest. After sometime, the track splits into two direction and then follow the sharp rise. So far you have hiked for additional Thirty minutes, the incline of the slope reduces and the track splits for a second time. Keep walking towards right and step uphill till you come up to a jungle clearing. After that traverse two scissor curves to arrive at a smooth ground with a Trishul, set on it.

The trek further takes you uphill for approximately forty minutes till you arrive at one more clearing. After crossing two additional clearings, penetrate one more wooded crest and walk for approximately fifteen minutes to reach a plane ground. From this location, a sharp scale up to a hilltop needs to be settled. Then on summit, gaze for a crest towards left and stroll uphill to scale it. After getting the crest, stroll a little more to reach the gateway and barrier of Prashar Lake finally. Here, admire the panorama and pay reverence to Saint Prashar at the temple. Afterward, get re-energized with refreshments and then park yourself around a marvelous bonfire for dinner, prior to moving towards your tent for a night stay.

Day 02: Prashar Lake to Bagi by Walk (9 km) - Bagi to Mandi by Road(30 km) - Mandi to Delhi Return

On the second day morning wake up early to observe an enthralling daybreak and catch an apparent sight of the Grand Himalayas. After that, have your breakfast and get on the downhill part of the trek. Now it will take you back towards Bagi village through the similar trail which you had followed the last day. After reaching Bagi village, move back towards Mandi by road to gather your baggage and afterward return back to Delhi.