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Introduction to Narkanda

Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda is a town and a Nagar panchayat located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is at an altitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan-Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda is about 65 km away from Shimla and is covered by the Shivalik Ranges which covers a large part of Himachal Pradesh.

It has an area which is surrounded by orchards and a transit point on the Hindustan Tibet road. It is also known as the home to Apple Jam factory and Apple trading center which is covered with the trees of apple and plums.

Places in Narkanda

Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak is the highest point in Narkanda. It provides a beautiful scenic view of mountains covered in snow and its surroundings. Hatu Peak is situated at a distance of 7 km from Narkanda on steep mountains. Trekking is the only way to reach the hill top. A Hat temple and a small pond are the attractions of Hatu Peak. There are many guest house and hotels which provide relaxation to the travelers. The other attractions which one can witness on their way include the slopes of Dhumari and JauBagh. It is the highest peak located at the height of 3400m above the sea level.

Tanu Jubbar Lake

The lake, encircled with trees all around, is an ideal picnic spot and to spend some relaxing time while watching over the mountains.

Stokes Farm

A man called Satyanand Stokes brought the cultivation of apple to Narkanda and in the process bringing the town's economy to life.

Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya Temple is 7 km away from Narkanda and is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is located amidst breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. With a sense of calm and serenity, this temple provides the perfect ambiance for meditation and introspection.

City Market

In city market, we can buy some Himachali shawls, Pattoo blankets, caps as well as Pullans, which are shoes made out of wool. We also find some fine traditional items at the Himachal Hat outlets.

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