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Introduction to Malana Village

Malana Village, Kullu

Malana is a small village located in district Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. The state of Himachal Pradesh famous for its snow-capped peaks and adventure activities is also known to hide breath-taking villages away from tourists. One such well-kept secret is the village of Malana. It lies on a plateau at an altitude of 9000ft above sea level. The village is overshadowed by the peaks of Chandrakhani and is separated from rest of the world with a tight group of locals and their strict customs. The village is famous for the Malana Cream, world-class Hashish grown locally.

The inhabitants have a huge respect for their culture and nature. Any form of harming nature like cutting plants, hunting animals is strictly prohibited in Malana. One cannot fail to observe the beauty of the houses which are built with a purpose. Each house has 2 or 3 storeys with ground floor acting as storage for cattle and the upper one as living space.

The houses and temples are mostly built with wood and most recent constructions have brick and motor in them. Similarly, the temples share brilliant architectural elements and the festivals held are a beauty to watch. The month of February holds the festival Malana Fagli while august month celebrates Malana Shaun.

The local villagers do not like outsiders touching their houses or belongings without permission including simple body contact like a handshake. The things made impure with the touch of outsiders gain purity after a lamb sacrifice. They impose fine on anything you touch without permission including videos. They consider themselves superior and descendants of Alexander, the great and refuse the outsiders to enter their temples or eat food prepared by them. The official language is Kanashi and is best-guarded secret by the locals.

The judicial system is also quite eccentric as opposed to our modern civilization. They are known to follow the oldest democracy organized by Jamlu Rishi who resided here ages ago. Even with its own peculiarities, the village is being taken up by modern civilization like smartphones, satellite dish, and a bank. The place is a feast for nature lovers and the journey is pleasurable with flowing rivulets and lush greenery.

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