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Great Himalayan National Park trek trek to Great Himalayan National Park Great Himalayan National Park GHNP Trek

Great Himalayan National Park Trek

Package Name : Great Himalayan National Park Trek
Grade : Easy to Moderate
Duration : 3 Days
Price : 8,999 per person
Maximum altitude : 10498 feet
Best Time : April to November

The GHNP is an ideal holiday retreat for those who love nature. Tourists fall in love with the pristine surroundings, and high peaks from which they can overlook the rivers, valleys, and glaciers. Snowfall is common during the monsoon and winter seasons which give the park its mesmerizing and spell-binding look. The park is a photographer’s delight with rare birds, animals, and reptiles. The natural surrounding makes it a hiker’s paradise while transporting you to a different world within it. Tourists can explore GHNP only by foot and depending on their fitness, they can choose from one of the many treks to unveil amazing destinations in the Himalayan range.

The Great Himalayan National Park is recognized as UNESCO heritage site because of its amazingly preserved biodiversity in 2014. The park itself resembles heaven on earth with exotic nature and various flora and fauna. The alpine meadows in this unique ecosystem are the home for many plants and animals which are endemic to that western Himalayan region. The GHNP runs with a Motto to respect and protect nature. With an aim to conserve natural wildlife and celebrate its uniqueness, the authorities follow strict rules and regulations in allowing tourists to visit. The great Himalayan national park is comprised of 4 valleys featuring coniferous forests and beautiful meadows.

Gushaini is the base or starting point for trekking into the great Himalayan national park. From Gushaini, start trekking through the eco-zone along the Valley of Tirthan River to reach the gates of GHNP. Tourists pass through the 2 old villages namely Ropa and Kaunchan. There is a scarcity of human life around and only a few villagers who exist there make their livelihood from the forest produce. Rolla is the night halt before moving to the Shilt hut to get immersed in the wilderness of nature. Travel smart with necessary food, water and follow safety precautions to enjoy the hike.

Day 1: Reach Gushaini from Aut (2100 mt)

Trekkers have to reach the Aut tunnel on Delhi-Manali highway on their own via bus. Transport is arranged from there to reach Gushaini in Tirthan valley. Gausaini is the serene village by the banks of the river where accommodation and food are available. The trek starts from Gushaini to reach the entrance of great Himalayan national park where permits for trek are collected. One can scent the irresistible aroma of nature from the entrance of the park where sunlight and amazing scenery behold the sight of trekkers. The path of the trek becomes narrower and dense with the forest as we reach Rolla by evening where night stay is arranged.

Day 2: Trek to Shilt hut from Rolla (3100 mt)

From Rolla continue your trek via the Tirthan River and soon you will reach a narrow trail leading to Shilt Hut. It is easy to explore exotic birds and spot wildlife there with lush greenery surrounding you. It takes 3-4 hours to reach the Shilt hut. Spend the day exploring, sightseeing, and in photography of flora and fauna. View of glaciers from the Shilt hut is mesmerizing. Dinner by campfire and night stay is arranged here.

Day 3: Trek to Gushaini (15km)

After an early breakfast, we start the trek back to Gushaini which is pretty easy considering the downhill. It takes approximately 6 hours to reach base camp. From there, a drive back to Aut tunnel will help you to move forward on your holiday.

The exotic species of flora and fauna including Snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear, musk deer, Himalayan tahr and blue sheep make GHNP a must-visit destination along with camping and trekking in the lap of nature.