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Introduction to Bir Billing

Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Bir is a village situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India. Bir is renowned as it is known as "Paragliding Capital of India". It is also a renowned center for ecotourism, meditation and spiritual studies. Tibetan refugees are an integral part of Bir. Several settlements of Buddhist monasteries are also found here.

Places to visit in Bir – Tourist Attractions

Bir consists of numerous places of attraction. These places attract students, volunteers and visitors from India and abroad.

The Deer Park Institute

This institute is a center for the research of ancient classical Indian wisdom traditions adopted by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in March 2006 under the approval and patronage of the great Dalai Lama. As Bir is well known for spiritual studies, this place is highly significant.

The Dharmalaya Institute

This is an eco-campus for service learning and holy meditation practices. Ecotourism, holy meditation, learning, village development, education all these are essential part of Dharmalaya institution. We can say that this institution is devoted to the above mentioned things. Dharmalaya is a non-governmental organization. Immense study and practices are conducted in this institute. It is an epitome of learning and meditation practices. It is well known for conducting practices of karma yoga. Karma yoga is mindful service work without a selfish motive or intention. Such teachings make this institution a divine place.

Chokling Gompa

It is a well-known monastery. Programs are conducted for monastic students and special learning is provided. This place consists of restaurant on its premises and also has a guest house.

Bir Billing

This area is an outstanding place in Bir. It is a renowned and popular destination for ecotourism, adventure tourism. It is well known for paragliding, hang gliding, camping and trekking. It is an adventure spot and mostly visited by its visitors. People enjoy the adventurous rides or offering of Bir Billing. Adventure is thrilling and its visitors thoroughly enjoy the adventures of Bir Billing.

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