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Adventure Holidays and Sports

  • trekking


    Trekking is a land adventure activity which can be described as a type of walking, carried out with some particular intention of stroll around and get pleasure from the countryside. Trekking generally takes place on tracks in areas of somewhat untouched wilderness.

  • camping


    Camping is an outdoor land adventure activity under which people stay away from their residence in a tent or some other means of shelter. Usually the people going out for camping go away from urban vicinity to spend time in the open in extra natural ones in search of activities which make available them pleasure.

  • paragliding


    Paragliding is an entertaining air adventure activity. It is also a competitive adventure game which is played in the air by flying gliders. It is very adventurous and dangerous activity. Person who is taking part in this game must be perfect for this sport. This adventure activity is available in many parts of Himachal Pradesh.

  • skiing


    Skiing is a recreational land adventure activity and also a competitive sport which is played with skis on the snow in winter season. It is also a tough game but very entertaining. One who wants to take part in this activity must have the knowledge of gliding on snow. Himachal Pradesh is the hub for skiing activity.

  • horse riding

    Horse Riding

    Horse riding is another land adventure activity which involves the talent of driving, riding, vaulting or steeple chasing with horses. It is also known as horseback riding. This game is also used for competitions. Horse riding is a very popular sport. In Himachal Pradesh this game is common in all the main tourist destinations.

  • jeep safari

    Jeep Safari

    Jeep Safari is a land adventure activity which is experienced on the road. Jeep Safari activity is generally used for venturing the wildlife. It is also used for venturing the high altitude areas like Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Kinnaur and many more.

  • motor biking

    Motor Biking

    Motor Biking is a road adventure activity which can be experienced by riding motorcycle. It is a very popular adventure sport in the world especially in the high altitude areas like Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Leh Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. In the high altitude areas one can venture the motor biking with plenty of fun.

  • cycling


    Cycling is a road adventure activity mainly used for exercise, transportation and adventure sports. One who rides a bicycle is referred to as bicyclist, cyclist or biker. Many tourists visit hill stations like Himachal Pradesh to venture cycling like sports.

  • wildlife


    Wildlife is a land adventure activity under which one can visit forests, sanctuary and national parks where wild animals are inhabited independently. Moreover all wild plants, birds and other type of species come under this activity. Great Himalayan National Park and Pin Valley National Park are the most popular national parks in Himachal Pradesh.

  • rafting


    Rafting is a water adventure activity which is also known as white water rafting. This activity can be done mainly on the white water of a river or some other source of water. River rafting is an adventurous and dangerous water activity, so one must raft with the help of expert guide. White water river rafting on Beas river in Manali and Ganga river in Rishikesh are the world famous.

  • kayaking


    Kayaking is another water adventure activity which is done with the help of a kayak for navigating across the river. A kayak is small in size and floats rapidly on water of river. Such type of adventure activity is also done on Beas river in Manali, Pin Parvati river in Sainj Valley and Parvati river in Parvati Valley.

  • scuba, underwater diving


    Scuba diving is also a water adventure activity which is done under the water. This adventure activity is a full of thrill and joy venturing the life underwater in sea. For experiencing this type of adventure activity divers use self contained undersea breathing equipment which is for breathing within the water. Such type of activity is mostly famous in Andaman and Nicobar.

  • photography


    Photography is also a part of tourism which every tourist loves to do. All the tourists do photography to capture their memorable moments during their trip and keep it with them forever. It is done with camera or mobile camera. Countless tourists experience this activity in Himachal Pradesh every year.

  • rock climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is a land adventure activity under which participant has to climb upwards, downwards and across the virgin rocks or non-natural rock fences. It is very difficult and dangerous adventure activity. One has to reach the pinnacle or the last point of the rock as decided.

  • mountaineering


    Mountaineering is again a land adventure activity which is similar as the rock climbing. Under this activity one has to climb up any mountain and hike the mountain. It is also very risky activity, so one must do it with the help of expert guide.